Hear what the customer’s are saying.

“A proven, reliable, and safe product that works. Transitioning from hands on to guns is much easier with the Tactical Universal Clip. Eliminates strain on the neck associated with the slings. Highly recommended!”

IV Police Department Swat Team,  Officer Nick K.


“Excellent product. The rifle does not get on the way when your walking, running, or handcuffing a suspect, and it’s easy to use. Very well made and it’s made in the USA.”

UP Police Department,  Senior Police Officer Doug D.


“A must have! I have tried all types of slings and by far the Tactical Universal Clip is the best alternative to slings. I don’t have to worry about the sling irritating my neck.”

LB Police Department, Officer Don W.


“Makes rapid deployment of the rifle easy. Best device I found for tactical situation i.e active shooter, building searches, and great when handcuffing a suspect.  Best new product for my AR15.”

HS Police Department, Officer Terry S.


“Slings are a tactical nightmare. Sure, they are nice when you are standing around at a command post, but that’s about it. They get caught on everything when you need to get your rifle out of a rack in a hurry, they snag on your gear or objects around you; they are uncomfortable and impractical. This device replaces the frustration of a sling with a low profile design that is easy to use and comfortable to wear.”

SP Police Department, Officer Joseph J.


“I have been waiting for a product like this! The Tactical Universal Clip is a blessing. Now when you are standing post, or doing something other than engaging a threat, there is a tactically convenient way to stow your long gun, yet still have it at the ready. This product allows you to keep the sling as a back up option instead of solely depending on it. A sling will be the last thing on your mind if you are gearing up out of your patrol unit on a hot call.”

PHL Police Department, Officer Chris H.


“I have purchased the Tactical Universal Clip for my department and everyone is very happy with the product. This system makes it easier for the officer to carry their rifle. Less fatigue on the body and neck due to the weight distribution of the rifle.  No more restriction of movement when doling target acquisition. If you carry a rifle and want a better option than a sling then you have to try the Tactical Universal Clip. ”

PHL Police Department. Chief Dan H.


U.S. Army Sgt. Aaron Christopher Combs:

Went out and tested the Tactical Universal Clip. Did a lot of shooting drills, vehicle drills as well as went swimming with all my gear to test it out. Over all it performed very well and very few issues were found. I highly recommend it.


Airsoft Reviews:

Tony Thornburg:

Me and some team mate’s took the tactical clips out on a Milsim operation. We put it though our normal paces and then started experimenting with it on our backs and sides. We all so repelled with them and road ATV’s with the clips on. Note always have a retention device on when riding and rappelling. I would like to say I’m buying more to have on the front and back.


Rob Dankers:

Just did a review for SKIRM Magazine the Dutch/Belgian airsoft magazine, and I can tell you it’s an excellent review because the T.U.C. Is an excellent piece of gear to have and use.