Tactical Universal Clip is manufactured to the highest quality of workmanship.  However, like any other device, a part failure could occur. Tactical Universal Clip, LLC or any of its members, agents, assigns and attorneys (hereinafter  collectively “Company”) shall not be held responsible for injury, death, or damage to property resulting from either the intentional or negligent misuse of this product.  The user knowingly and freely accepts the personal risk associated with the use of the Tactical Universal Clip. The user further acknowledges that he or she has carefully read the accompanying Manual and instructions and is familiar with the operation and handling of the product and its limitations prior to use. In addition, user agrees to abide by any additional instructions, rules and regulations provided by the police, military authorities, or other organizations prior to use.


Prior to the use of this product, the user agrees to ensure the rifle clip and chest plate are functioning properly. Company is not responsible for any injuries or death due to improper installation of the product. Tactical Universal Clip is not a retention holster and the user should be aware that there is no retention built into the system. Misuse or negligent use will void the warranty.


It is imperative that the user examine the chest chip receiver for any debris or obstructions that may interfere with the removing or insertion of the rifle clip. The user understands that it is his or her responsibility to verify the rifle clip is properly secured to the buffer tube and that all fastening screws are tightened. The use of thread adhesive is high recommended. The Tactical Clip is not a retention holster and the user acknowledges that no retention has been built into the product.


The Tactical Universal Clip is used in connection with inherently dangerous activities such as police, military, hunting, and training exercises and use with high powered military type weapons, which could cause death or serious bodily injuries to the user and third parties. The improper or negligent use of the product may cause serious bodily injuries and even death. The user acknowledges and recognizes the inherent dangers associated with the use of the Tactical Universal Clip in the field, during operations, while operating a motor vehicle or otherwise, and realizes that risk of personal injury is always present and agrees to use the product only as directed by the accompanying Manual.


If user is injured while using the Tactical Universal Clip, user agrees that it will not hold Company liable regardless of the circumstances surrounding the injury.  In the event of a user’s death as a result of use of the product, user waives the right of any survivor to hold Company liable regardless of the circumstances resulting in such an occurrence.  User waives any right to any consequential damages as a result of any injury resulting from use of such product. The user agrees that the laws of the state of California shall govern any disputes related to the product, and any disputes shall be brought in Los Angeles County California.